В Удмуртии открылись Зимние сельские спортивные игры

21 февраля в Алнашах состоялась торжественная церемония открытия XXV республиканских зимних сельских спортивных игр. Праздник прошел на стадионе с участием спортсменов и творческих коллективов.

По информации пресс-службы Администрации Главы и Правительства УР, в мероприятии принял участие руководитель республики Александр Бречалов.

Глава республики напомнил, что Владимир Путин в своём Послании дал поручение разработать меры по поддержке села. "То, что сегодня происходит здесь, спортивная инфраструктура, построенная к юбилейным играм, это и есть поддержка жителей наших сёл и деревень. Это хорошее подспорье для дальнейшего развития вашего и так крепкого района", - сказал Александр Бречалов и поблагодарил всех присутствующих за вклад в организацию и проведение большого спортивного праздника.

Глава заявил, что уже в ближайшие годы новая лыжная база появится в Ярском районе Удмуртии.


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13:41, 9 мая
I used to put in bed at dusk and think about the future.
I should have been about many years old and images of
George Jetson, Jane his wife, Daughter Judy and his boy Elroy
swilled around in my head. Conveyor belts, robot maids, flying dogs, kitchens
that made food in the touch of the button. These were the things waiting for me as
I got older! The only thing the Jetsons really didn't show me was
exactly what the music of the long run would really be like, oh sure Judy had a crush on a young person idol
of period but that was just a rip-off of this
current trend; Bobby Rydell, Frankie Avalon yecchh!

In 2008, John McCain's music chose employing ABBA's "Take an opportunity on Me" and
Jackson Browne's "Running on Empty." McCain also
tried to use songs by Heart, where to play 918kiss, and Van Halen.

As songwriters, it's important for us to align the accented words of our lyrical phrases
with the accented words in the spoken version of the
phrases we choose. Take into account that singing should be only an exaggerated form of speech, so in order for our
lyrics to essentially resonate along with listeners and sound natural, we need our
vocal phrases to have the same sonic shape as the spoken version of our phases.

In every day speech, some words and syllables
are accented, while are not. For example, look at the phrase "One of the aforementioned days." It is
a phrase we've heard often before, so we're familiar with its sonic shape.
If you listen carefully, you'll spot the words "one" and "days" are stressed
more in comparison words "of" and "these." I'll notate this by capitalizing the stressed words:
ONE of the above DAYS. Anyone hear it all? The combination of stressed and unstressed syllables in this particular phrase
assist create its natural pattern. If we stressed words that do not wish to be stressed, we'd get: One Of these days.

Feels like William Shatner saying it, doesn't it all? It's not how we're used
to hearing it.

Lykke Li. The Swedish singer appears on our list of your Best
Albums of 2011 so far for her new record 'Wounded Rhymes.' 'Love Out of Lust' is certainly one our favorite tracks of year.
I saw Li perform live a few years ago, and he or she threw in unexpected cover of Lil Wayne's 'A Milli.' Who knows what surprises she'll bring for Lolla?

Of course the movement that helped define the 70s the most was Disco.
Films such as 'Saturday Night Fever' helped to
popularise disco music and its fashions. That could forget precisely how John Travolta looked because
white suit and black shirt, and also course, his big
hair and gold medallion. Indeed when exercise sessions dress in 70s
costumes it will be look that try to emulate normally ,.

A: Yeah, that's completely fair. Totally fair. When they first asked to put my name on there, I laughed.
At this point, I said I would personally actually be bummed if my name
wasn't on there. I mean, at the time, come on, was
released ? great for the career. But it's show organisation. If Jay Leno generates
a joke, you going to kill on your own own? I always thought the show was very entertaining.
I did wanna set the record straight with Mike considering the time it happened (mid-'90s) was around
when my first wife died in cars wreck.

Bestival. September 6 to 9. Robin Hill Country Park, Isle of Wight.
In 2010, this weekend music fest won the award
for the most powerful major gatherings. It's organized by BBC's renowned DJ Rob Da Bank and credit union. Expect everything, from punk to pop, in this particular musical boutique
- and expect so that it is all strong! This music festival does donrrrt you have a 50,000 to 100,000 attendance range for quite. http://irigasibanten.net/node/158/track
Андрей Петросян


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